What To Do When You’re Sick But Have A Deadline To Meet

What To Do When You’re Sick But Have A Deadline To Meet

Getting sick before a deadline is a nightmare for so many people. Your whole body starts aching, and your energy levels are at an all time low. You have a lot on your plate, and you don’t know what to do. Believe me I’ve been there, and I know the feeling all too well. So, here are the tips that I use to try and get myself to feel better whenever I’m sick before a deadline:

1. Sleep
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I can’t stress this enough. Yes, you’re overwhelmed with work and homework, but if you’re tired, you won’t be able to get anything done. It will all just be a waste of time. You might as well spend it sleeping and resting so when you wake up, you have enough energy to do the work. The only thing you’ll be able to achieve if you stay up is additional stress because you’re not achieving anything. And that’s the last thing you need if you are sick. So go get the rest you need. Your work can wait a couple of hours until you feel better.

2. Drink anything hot

Try avoiding cold beverages at all cost. Teas are your best friends at this point. Chamomile tea, lemon and honey tea, even just plane hot water helps. Drink things that have anti-inflammatory benefits, like lemon, mint, honey, and ginger. Chamomile tea is also helpful to relax your body and make you less stressed out. My all time favorite that I do all the time is a lemon, honey, and ginger mix. I first put some lemon slices in a cup and squeeze some more. Then I add as much honey I find suitable. After, I just grate a small piece of ginger and add it to the cup. I add warm water (not boiling) and viola! You’ve got yourself a homemade remedy. 

3. If you have the chance, go to a doctor and get medication

That, of course, goes beyond explanation. If you’re sick and you have access to a doctor please go. Every university campus has a healthcare provider for students to go see. Even if you have a shit ton of things to do, make time for a doctor. A doctor knows best.

4. Get comfy

Once you feel a bit better, get up and wash your face gently with cold water. Get yourself a snack and a glass of water, and tie up your hair up in a comfortable hairstyle that wouldn’t tug on your head and give you a headache. Put on a big blanket and play some relaxing music. Then once you’re settled in and got in the mood, start studying or working and get things done. Don’t forget to take breaks in between, especially if you feel unwell suddenly or need to rest.

5. Don’t push yourself too much, contact your professor
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If you find that despite your best efforts to get better you still feel really tired and sick, try to contact your teacher or professor letting them know that you’re not feeling well and if they can extend the deadline for you. While some professors might seem like they wish us hell, a lot of them would understand your situation. You might lose some marks for submitting late, but it’s better than not submitting at all. If they extend the deadline for you, take the day off and rest.

So to summarize, the best way to take care of yourself is by taking it slowly and listening to your body and what it needs. I hope my tips have helped you and I wish you all a fast recovery. Stay safe everyone and get well soon <3.

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